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À Table

À Table

Focused on the joy of Southern comfort and hospitality, we invite you to dine with us and experience the culinary wonder of an elevated home-cooked Southern meal. Showcasing the talents of a true Southern kitchen and set in a quaint backyard garden, this transformative space will invoke feelings of warmth and nostalgia as we share the stories, music, and flavors of Southern food and culture. Please pull up a chair to our table and join us in tasting a beautiful life.

Pies & Tarts

Key Lime Tart with Shortbread Crust & Toasted Meringue

A delicate shortbread crust provides the delicious foundation and coconut cream creates a velvety rendition of the classic key lime tart, made from the aromatic and tangy key limes. The hand-torched meringue candy frosting, garnished with fresh thinly sliced limes, and sprinkled with verdant lime zest complete the picture-perfect dessert for any occasion.

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