A Romantic Dinner for Two

“All you need is love.
But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

― Charles M. Schulz

I truly believe that no matter the context or reason, food is the mode to anyone’s heart.

On Valentine’s Day, couples desire to create a special, romantic interlude befitting this once-a-year day. While restaurants do offer a charming atmosphere, beautiful environment, and delicious entrées, perhaps the crowded scene does not fulfill the desire for the quaint expressions of love. Perhaps instead, the comfort and love of home offers that true gesture of affection with a lovely dinner for two.

If you desire a romantic moment that captures and expresses your true sentiments toward someone you love, then begin by preparing the details with a romantic vision of what you wish to have happen that evening. However, don’t become so consumed in selecting the perfect materialistic aspects, that you forget the deeper meaning of why you are creating this romantic atmosphere and with whom you want to share it. Remember that the compassion and consideration your dinner gestures to your loved one expresses more than just a moment of romance but instead of a sincere appreciation and admiration for him or her.

While it may seem more time-consuming than making a reservation and paying the valet to park your car at the restaurant, an enchanting evening at home with your loved one can be created in three simple steps: the right setting, the right ambiance, and the right food.

Create the Right Setting

When in a dining situation, the enjoyment of the food and company is highly influenced by the setting of the immediate surroundings, lighting, and other mood indicators. A positive, loving feeling can be established by merely adjusting the lighting and arranging the table settings.

Designing a table or a situation indicative of a romantic evening truly begins with eyes. Your eyes primarily decide what is beautiful, what you like, and therefore lending to how it makes you feel. So, in the situation of desiring to create love, remember that the eyes will decide. With this knowledge, the table will need items to remind the eyes of that which they love and find romantic, such as flowers or hand-crafted chocolates. Dimmed overhead lighting or lamp light gives the eyes confirmation that you are isolated together with the opportunity to spend the night thinking only of each other. Most importantly, while all the other aspects might aid in establishing the perfect romantic evening, in addition to what they love, most eyes just need to see who they love.

Create the Right Ambiance

Second to the sensory eyes are the ears. Unitedly, the eyes and ears detect and surmise the true atmosphere of the room. While a room may look beautifully decorated and the table might be perfectly set, sounds of music, conversation, and white noise can truly influence the expressed feeling. Moreover, even the sensation of calmness versus rushing about permits the senses to allow loving, romantic sentiments to occur inside oneself.

Overall, create a romantic impression. An element which highly encourages the right atmosphere is soft music in the background. Lower the volume and timbre of your voice in speaking about sweet feelings and giving genuine compliments. When our ears hear love and compassion, our hearts are more open to receiving and sharing that love.

Create the Right Food

Being in the Culinary Arts, I believe our smell and taste are the most important senses. However, they are often the last senses that we instigate in any situation. The food is definitely the central part in creating a dinner, whether romantic or not. Yet, while the actual menu prepared isn’t as important, the taste and smell of the food are imperative.

Food directly affects our happiness and levels of comfort. Granted, I might be bias because I am a chef; but, in my opinion, food is happiness. Our bodies are seeking the nutrients from food for survival, but it is also seeking food for pleasure. So, let’s do our bodies a favor by feeding them nutritious food while simultaneously feeding them something delicious. In creating a romantic dinner for two, the menu should please you and your loved one.

There may be science behind what kinds of foods evoke certain feelings (i.e. chocolate – just mention the word!); but, I know that that the prepared meal should create a joy, comfort, and satisfaction when presented and consumed. The selections should bring the anticipation of eating everything prepared. The portions should be small enough that one doesn’t overeat to discomfort in the stomach. As for satisfaction, a dessert is mandatory in a romantic setting. The sweetness of the dessert you choose will the set the perfect mood.

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.”
– Alan D. Wolfelt

Above all, remember that you don’t need to be a trained chef to create a beautiful and enjoyable dinner. The love shines through the effort, thought, and time that you put into the meal.

Food has the power to create beauty, joy and love. This Valentine’s Day set aside your plans to idle the hours in a restaurant with other people. Instead, take the time to create an intimate dinner for two in your home where you have the control over the setting, the atmosphere, and the dinner.

Beyond the flowers, the food, the chocolates, you have the power to make it a perfect evening. You have the ability to create a lasting, endearing impression of love. Who you are with, the way you act, and the compassion you show are all you truly need to convey your love.

…But a perfect dinner for two on Valentine’s Day — charming.


Brontë E. Mock


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