Pull Up a Chair to the Mock Family Table

“Cooking is one of the great gifts you can give to those you love.”
– Ina Garten

From the very beginning of my life, I have had the opportunities and abilities to live, to experience, to love, and to share so many moments that make indelible memories. Many of the memories like to and associate with food. Lucky me, I was born into the world of food as my parents raised us to appreciate the beauty of food, the significance of the ingredients, the importance of the flavor, and the desire to create and share something new with the world. Their evident passion for cooking has taught and instilled a love for food in me.

To our family, food is our culture. It describes who we are and what we love most. Food isn’t simply about the taste and presentation, its about the sharing of it, the lessons taught, and the stories told in each and every bite. In all the traditions, cultures, and events that we celebrate, we involve food. Between my father’s deep southern roots and my mother’s German heritage, everything is about good food—and a lot of it. So it stands to reason, that for any celebration, food is what we look forward to most.

Not only does the Mock Family prepare and eat a lot of food, we also make an extensive variety of food. With a mother and father who love the cultures and traditions of every thing and every country, one of our favorite family activities is to integrate cultural food into our daily eating. In fact, we travel the world to find new foods, flavorings, techniques, recipes, and traditions to add and better our culinary lives.

Of course, food tastes better when family and friends come with it. We have a philosophy that if a food experience is extremely important to us, then we must prepare and host opportunities to share with as many people as possible. I dare say that the Mock family makes good food because we take the time to do it right and everyone in our community knows that our kitchen is the best place to find that delicious, quality food. It isn’t that we are the best cooks and bakers on the planet. Instead, one can taste the love and passion in every bite at the Mock table.We love food. We love people. And, it’s doing what we love and for whom we love that makes our food memorable and meaningful.

Long ago, I realized that the stories of life come with the food a family prepares. When food is paired with culture, tradition, and memories, it becomes worth sharing. Our mission at Taste the Beautiful Life is to partake of the experiences and memories with family, friends, associates, and friends we haven’t yet met. It is to elevate the beauty, appreciation, and understanding of how creating, preparing, and sharing food tells as story of who we are and what we offer the world daily.

It is the pleasure of the Mock Family to invite you to pull up a chair to our website table and receive a taste of our food-filled lives. We hope you feel free to share your food culture with us. We hope that no one will ever leave our table hungry but filled with good food, inspiring thoughts, and welcoming friendship.


Brontë E. Mock

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