Investment Planting

Planting is always an investment. And, each fall we have the opportunity to make an active ante. Fortunately, it is an investment with promising dividends and encouraging disbursements of eminent beauty.

For me, the process of planting, feeling the soil, and admiring the beauty, shapes, and textures of the bulbs themselves are a pleasure at planting and can be an equally rewarding experience of springtime gladness now.

Each bulb is a work of art, a joy of dormant creation and creating. It is a great source of satisfaction to join in and contribute to planting and unleashing each bulb’s full beauty and nourishing its latent growth.

There are numerous varieties of bulbs that will bring varying heights, textures, and colors to your garden. Yet, many bulbs and their corresponding varieties, which bloom in the spring, cannot be planted within that season. They require planning and planting now. And if you plant them now, in the spring they will unquestionably come.

Among the most popular bulbs that need to be established in the fall with rewards in the spring are the beloved Dutch iris, tulips, hyacinths, lilies, crocus, and daffodils. Yet, other bulbs—possibly less common, but equally rewarding—might include fritillaria, crown imperials, squills, anemones, snowdrops, allium, and freesia.

Please note: Expert planting guides, available through cultivars and garden centers, can help determine which bulbs grow best in your individual area, including directions regarding preparation of soil, soil amendments, and planting depths for success. Determining location conditions of planting in your garden is also essential. Settings of full sun, dappled light, and shade must be considered, seeking bulbs that thrive under their related conditions.

In this season of fall, I invite you to invest in a bright and beautiful future by experiencing the joy of planting bulbs. The beauty of your springtime, now and in the future, depends upon it.

Now is the time to invest in your garden’s successful future.

So, go expend your energies stirring up some constructive dirt, capitalize on planting attractive bulbs, and assuredly cultivate the beautiful life.

R. Shannon Mock

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