Month: July 2018

Part & Parcel

Every effective recipe is made up of individual ingredients that are both “part and parcel.”  These ingredients each share a portion of their intrinsic virtue to contribute a beautiful essence, which is integral to the whole. 

Rustic Raisin & Rye

The raisins and molasses mixed with rye and wheat flour bring an sweet earthiness to this rustic hearth bread.

Manner & Method

Do we realize that when we act in method, we likewise act with manner? Furthermore, we may not realize that the variable nature of our manner alters the results of our method. This concept is especially true in the kitchen…

Fun in the Kitchen

I firmly believe that if you make what you love, simplify your recipes, enliven your atmosphere, and share your creations that you will not only come to love the kitchen, but also have fun in your kitchen.

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